Breaking News

Only moments ago we heard a shriek from the bathroom and came running in…Gila had discovered that she had…lost her FIRST TOOTH!

The actual moment escaped her. Abba retraced her steps (back to the sink where she had been brushing her teeth) to find the evidence.

Another milestone!


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9 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Mazel tov! Such a big girl moment. Hope the tooth fairy comes in Israel. (Didn’t come to Chelmsford this week)

  2. too bad you look so depressed about losing your tooth. don’t worry – the hole doesn’t stay there – another tooth grows in. love, dabi dabi

  3. WOWEEEEEEE! YAY GILA! THAT TOOTH DID LOOK MIGHTY LOOSE THE OTHER DAY. IT ALL SEEMS SO SUDDEN. Make sure to let the tooth fairy know…Ela will tell you all about that.



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